Matter: a crowd-funded newspaper

A newspaper project i’m watching closely is Matter, which is trying to find a new way to monetize papers in the post-paper era. The reader ‘invests’ in his newspaper, even becomes an editor in this Kickstarter-funded science leaning paper about to come on stream (summer 2012, they specify, run by former Guardian and now GigaOm journalist Bobbie Johnson and science/tech writer Jim Giles. They raised $100,000 or more, offering readers the opportunity to invest in the opportunity to help commission articles. But it seems to be late (summer is almost over, if it even began) and one worries whether too many cooks might spoil the broth ie too many editors might blunt its focus. Either way, it will be good to have it on board. Imagine if the Telegraph had to front up and crowd-fund its big expensive investigations as a way to keep its competitive new gathering edge?

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