Making of an entrepreneur: can it be done?

A shorter version of Heart, Smarts, Guts and Luck, the business book du jour, by one of its authors.
They would say yes, of course you can work on it, and that the X factor is Guts, ie the balls to take the risk. Now tell that to a big newspaper that knows it needs to innovate but doesn’t know how.

Entrepreneurs start from that place we call Heart, inner passion and desire that is not easily malleable. We are what we feel. But turning that passion into a business reality obviously requires executing on it. It requires Guts. Unimaginable amounts of potential lie dormant because people don’t have that minimum threshold of Guts to just initiate and not overthink it.

People therefore often suppress their Heart, and conflate not having the Guts to start with not having the right idea. These would-be entrepreneurs require a makeover in attitude and mindset towards reflecting on what is really holding them back. Perhaps the better question than whether or not you can make or make over an entrepreneur is whether you can encourage more people to realize their passion, purpose, and potential. We think so.</
Anthony Tjan

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