The 27-inch tablet

Digital media may be in a frenzy over its future on mobile ie anything from phones to 10in tablets, but I have a hunch that for a lot of the market, bigger may still be better for any number of uses.
That’s why I was heartened to see an article in Technology Review reporting that Intel is working on a range of 27in tablet screens that can function as a proper desktop screen or be mobile around the house, ready to be setup as TV in the bedroom, recipe book screen in the kitchen, or whatever.
Beyond the uses as a screen, I believe the move to wider, thinner media could herald a return to some of the design and presentation values that made newspapers compelling.
I think many newspaper readers are nostalgic for the space of a newspaper page that allows content to be arrayed in front of you in compelling ways. Bring interactivity into the equation and you have a powerful product.

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