‘The whole middle of the newspaper business is just gone.’


‘The whole middle of the newspaper business is just gone.”

The verdict of NYT journo figurehead David Carr, according to a report of his interview with a CBC radio host in Toronto, published in good old GigaOm.

He was running the rule over the industry and suggesting that the sectors that will prosper are the kind of local newspapers that splash a pic of a kid who won a school race on the front page – and the big brands like the New York Times (but he would say that..) Mid-sized metropolitan papers, he says, just aren’t making up the numbers quickly enough between plunging print ad revenue and anaemic rises in digital revenue.

As Mathew Ingram reports Carr saying:

…one of the most promising aspects of digital media is that almost anything is possible — and it doesn’t hurt to “give things a whirl.” This kind of approach doesn’t work for the print version of the newspaper, he said, but the best quality of digital is that it is always “iterate, iterate, iterate.” The videos he recorded in his basement didn’t really work, Carr said, so they killed them and moved on to something else that his audience might want more.

Iterate iterate iterate… newspapers starting to sound like startups more and more every day. Funny that.

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