The rumours of news’ demise have been greatly exaggerated

A little sprinkle of good news this week from the people at Pew Research who found that news consumption is increasing in the US because of the explosion in usage of mobile, ie tablets/smartphones. News was the second most popular activity after email, they found.
A report in GigaOm indicates that publishers like the New York Times are responding to the rise of the “multi-platform news user” by ramping up their tech staff to optimise their service to these roving readers. Most noteworthy is the fact that the NYT has cracked and allowed its content onto… big cheer! … Flipboard. (still waiting for similar from the Times of London, that other walled garden I watch very closely – though they have made their content searchable through Google now).

However, and there always seems to be a however, only 6 per cent of tablet owners had paid for news this year compared to 14 per cent in 2011. The challenge remains to find new ways to monetise beyond through advertising on the likes of Flipboard.Image

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