Your life recorded frame by frame


Life logging ie how never to forget. A plea from a company called Memoto for the funding to roll out the first thousand of their wearable cameras that take a photo every 30 seconds and then organise them all nicely for you on the cloud (modelled above by their marketing manager Oscar Kalmaru).

But how much do we really never want to forget a single moment? Unfortunately I can remember more than a couple I’d like to have expunged from existence. I don’t need any extra help.

At the same time, if it was indexed correctly, it could be a useful tool. That’s a big IF. We’d probably need some kind of algorithm to crawl over all that data (images) to establish what is and isn’t worth looking at. What human has that kind of time, especially when they’re all busy living?

This theme is clearly rather hot, given Google’s recent efforts in this Google Glasses ad I saw recently…

There’s got to be more use to it than capturing that perfect baby photo as you change their nappy. Problem is, you’ll be spending more time with your head in the cloud(s) sifting through the myriad (and I mean thousands) of photos of that ‘perfect’ moment that you’ll barely have any time to change nappies.

And in case you forget: Babies smile at faces, not at devices…

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