Film Africa (3): The struggle of the Sahrawi

Not directly related to newspapers’ digital plight, but reflecting a boom in African cinema.

Africa is a Country (Old Site)

Guest post by Lindiwe Dovey
Several years ago, I visited Casablanca in Morocco for a few days. What I remember most about that trip is the Hassan II mosque, the largest mosque in the world that non-Muslims are allowed to enter. Perched on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, with a towering, mechanised ceiling that can open to allow the 100,000 people who can be accommodated within it to pray beneath the clouds, the mosque is awe-inspiring. 

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  1. Some good posts, Rob. Read well beyond 78.3 seconds….

    • HI Alvaro
      Hola hola compadre! Thanks for the feedback, and apologies for the delayed reply. I’ve just been tinkering away on a few tech related ideas that I find interesting. It’s a useful outlet and a kind of a bookmarker for ideas etc. But it’s early days yet – I suspect I need to free up a lot more time to do it properly. How’s Mallorca? You enjoying the balmy weather? I see Pau is turning into a little boy already. Hectic!! Lindi’s sister’s kid just wen from 0 to six months in no time flat. Better get our skates on over here!

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