51 percent

The proportion of IT departments that are involved in implementing innovative ideas but have no role in generating them, according to a report in the Economist Intelligence Unit.

A peculiar disjunct,  I feel, given that technology is so frequently the source of a business’s power to innovate. So why are the techies not contributing more?

The answer, I believe, is …

True innovation happens best across departmental lines, when teams come together outside of ‘silos’, and comprise people from across the organisation, according to the survey of 226 senior executives in a range of industries (and sponsored by Oracle).

It would seem that in many bigger companies, IT is separated and not particularly encouraged to integrate. And this mindset has become entrenched, so that it appears that techies have been less willing to embrace other disciplines/sectors than those other disciplines/sectors have been willing to embrace technology.

Another ‘takeaway’ from the report underlines just how integral technology is to innovation, particularly in the area of big data and social media. A piece in CMS Wire has a good summary of the issues.

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