John Maeda and better leadership by design

John Meada, pictured, an alumnus of MIT Media Lab and head of the Rhode Island School of Design, gave an inspiring talk at the GigaOm Roadmap conference today (05/11/12) which has answers for the very question I was musing on in my previous post – how technology and leadership can come together in organisations in the digital age.

I will take the liberty of reproducing the Livestream video in full. Highlights include his claim that the hierarchical format of companies with CEOs at the top and layers of management below them has been upended.

“That hierarchy has been hurt indefinitely because anyone can talk to anyone else. You can’t control the flow of information between people anymore. There is a hetero-archy and the CEO has been pulled into the middle of that.”

He believes that success in this ‘upended’ world is managing the mass of data that technology has made available by making it easily understandable for leaders. He says that the way to do this is to use design to connect concepts and relationships amid a mess of information.

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