Test dummy: here’s a browser version of my app

Here’s an interesting way to show off a builds for an IOS app design without actually running it as an app. It’s called Kickfolio, runs in HTML5, and seems to me to offer added convenience in testing. That is, testers can be reached more efficiently on a wider platform and encouraged to leave feedback comments next to the app on the website. Very civilised. See this report in 9to5Mac for more.

One caveat: while it makes sense to make app builds more testable on a broader range of touch screen platforms, it seems silly to test an app using a mouse. Why would you do it? And even testing an iPhone app on a larger platform seems odd. The whole point of a test is to replicate UX. So without thumbs being in the right places, it’s a big thumbs down.

And then demonstrated on a Galaxy tablet:

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