Computers are dissolving in three directions…

“Computers are dissolving in three directions – into the cloud, into the environment, and into our bodies – but as they do so they are reducing or losing altogether what we would traditionally call an “interface.”

Thomas Sutton, executive creative director of Frog digital agency in Milan articulating one of the strongest tech trends for 2013. See the full article in Fastcompany’s Co.Design with 19 other trends for 2013 from the Frog team.

small__8529937070The massively hyped Google Glass, pictured above, is one example of that shifting interface. Another interesting example of the trend is a company called Cube 26 – formerly known as PredictGaze – which is developing products that use cameras to track your gaze and facial cues, as well as hand gestures, to perform tasks on distant screens such as TVs, or to merely enhance interaction with laptops and desktops. It’s not quite “dissolving” but it’s a step towards greater control using gesture in a more intuitive way – and crucially, freeing people from dependence on the proximity of devices.

This is also a key step towards greater personalisation, with applications in security (facial recognition), advertising (gaze detection), gaming (use of head or eyes to direct characters) and as a substitute for the remote around the home (the shhh gesture at the TV is an early example).

In terms of media consumption, it could even pave the way for new modes of reading that give you more content as your gaze looks for it, instead of having to scroll with your index finger (which can get a bit boring). Imagine that.

See this MIT Technology Review report for more, and watch their promotional video for some of the applications.

I suspect we’ll have a laugh one day at how we excited we got over this heavy lump of metal and glass they call the iPad.

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