The future of 3D interfaces … and the dawn of HTML5 that out-natives native apps

This demonstration video of a Minority Report-esque interface comes from, a company building an HTML5 framework that it says will allow developers to make HTML5 apps that perform as well as native apps.
As TechCrunch reports: pulls off quite a bit of platform-by-platform trickery to allow web apps to utilize a device’s GPU (graphical processing unit) in a way that web apps generally can’t.

That’s no small claim in the native vs HTML5 debate – and one that will be especially interesting to media companies that are contemplating rolling all their myriad ‘app’ products into one code framework. were given a big shout out at last year’s TechCrunch Disrupt, and this year around a similar time they’ve announced they’re in ‘beta’ ie cranking up their testing by allowing 40 select developers (from several thousand applicants) under the hood to start playing with their framework, according to a report in TechCrunch.

They’ve also just hired a former senior Facebook developer, Dave Fetterman, as their VP of engineering, and have had investment from Samsung as part of a $4m round of funding. I look forward to seeing which of the big boys (other than Samsung) will be queuing up for their services.
More from TechCrunch:

So, how will make money? Their plan is two fold: on one side, they’ll build (and help build) interfaces for some of the aforementioned “huge hardware vendors”. On the other, they’ll provide enterprise add-on services that are directly compatible with the features of their framework. If a big company uses one of’ pre-built infinite scroll-views, for example, might upsell them on a drop-in solution for monitoring and A/B testing.

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