“The idea that business sits over here and lets a newsroom do whatever it wants over there is anachronistic”


Chris Hughes, the 29-year-old editor-in-chief of the New Republic – as well as Facebook co-founder and Obama campaigner – shares with PandoDaily’s Sarah Lacy some of the lessons he has gathered at the helm of  the venerable American political magazine.

And I think he’s right:  the church-state separation between editorial and business is arcane in the multi-platform, revenue promiscuous age of digital media. Both sides need to understand each other better, and see the world through each other’s eyes for publications to survive.

Meanwhile, I await more detail of one of his more recent investments in the cash handout non-profit GiveDirectly, which aims to short circuit the developing world aid gravy train by donating cash straight to the mobile phones of Kenyan farmers. It last hit the headlines in May, with $2.5 million in backing from Google among others. I look forward to seeing their model and research showing that such a counter-intuitive form of charity/giving does work better than the traditional means.


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