“Doing things is the best way to learn. To try means to fail. To fail means to learn.”


Continuing my theme of ‘failing in newsrooms’, Olga Lucia Lozano, pictured, co-founder of a leading investigative journalism site in Colombia, La Silla Vacia (The Empty Chair), shares the fruits of her own mistakes as a ‘news entrepreneur’.

“Don’t think about it, do it. Doing things is the best way to learn. To try means to fail. To fail means to learn,” she said in a recent Google Hangout reported on by James Breiner, a digital media consultant and two-time Knight fellow in South America.

Breiner says:

Lozano believes journalists need to be educating themselves constantly. They should share what they  learned so others can avoid making the same mistakes.

Part of the added value of La Silla Vacia, she says, is in the workshops and seminars on investigative journalism that the staff holds for other media all over Latin America. The team is constantly experimenting with new forms of telling stories online and new ways of financing their journalism.

He said Lozano offered two more tips for journalism entrepreneurs:

  • Think about the business aspects from the beginning. Good ideas without financial backing will simply disappear.
  • Start small with few employees to reduce costs and to avoid burning through your financial resources.

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