Jargon-watch: ‘Slippery content’, via digital strategist Tiffany St James

government_s-digital-guru-and-graduate-of-bournemouth-university-tiffany-st-james-returns-to-host-e28098digital-day_To kick off Jargon-watch, my collection of colourful emerging digital terms, I present ‘slippery content’, coined by the digital and social media strategist Tiffany St James (left) in a talk to my newspaper outlining the tools and platforms to make content richer and more consumable.

‘Slippery content’ is content that is structured in social-media friendly packages that ‘slips’ around the internet easily – ie that is highly shareable. This is Buzzfeed’s stock in trade, but it goes far beyond cats and listicles.

How to make content shareable? Beyond actually writing an interesting story, it helps if you can incorporate engaging visual elements. Think pretty infographics and short trailer videos like Vine, and you would think it goes without saying, great pictures. This means also incorporating or embedding relevant Twitter posts, or Instagram shots – then making sure the content gets shared on the right platforms. We all know about Twitter and Facebook as a platform for news, but we sometimes neglect Tumblr – catnip for teenagers – and Pinterest, which is particularly popular with women and has huge conversion rate of 50pc ie half of people who click on a ‘pin’ follow it through to the source site. And don’t forget Flipboard, which has 85 million users who could be reading your specially curated Flipboard magazine.

That’s just a nibble of the tools and platforms out there. The takeaway is that no matter how great the ‘content’ of your content is, it’s only half the story if you can’t get it out to as many people as possible via social media etc, slipping here there and everywhere.

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