BuzzFeed Is The Future (Whether It Lives Or Dies)

This TechCrunch piece comparing the rate of story sharing across the major online news sources is such required reading that I reblog it without shame! Condensed: Buzzfeed is king


It’s time for a little inside baseball! Be still your beating hearts.

But admit it: secretly you want to know about the success/failure of the myriad news sources whose stories flit disconnectedly across your Facebook and Twitter feeds from time to time, if only so you can tell your friends that you already knew who was doomed, on the day that long-fabled Great Shakeout finally comes and half of the world’s journalists find themselves surplus to needs.

Old media! Right? Newspapers, magazines, and even, eventually, television: those shambling dinosaurs will be eaten alive by nimble new-media mammals, obsoleted by customized news feeds like Flipboard and Pulse and Feedly and Facebook’s new Paper. As our collective news diet is slowly but inexorably shaped ever more by our social media feeds, rather than the TV channels we watch or the newspaper(s) we read, their audience will turn away from them and…

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