‘Publishers might build a revenue ledge through innovation of the advertising format, but the confusion that makes it work often diminishes the host publication’s credibility.’

NYT's David Carr considers the risks of native advertising for newspapers and other media. And now the US Federal Trade Commission is looking into the issue. … [Read more...]

‘Advertisers spend too much on print…’

Advertisers spend too much on print and not enough on digital and mobile platforms. Martin Sorrell. boss of media/PR/advertising giant WPP, on how digital spend needs to accelerate as he discloses strong growth at his company. Heed this, newspapers. … [Read more...]

John Battelle and the content wars: what editorial can learn from marketing

---- I've been blogging recently about the 'age of context' around the 'internet of things' in which sensors are turning everything to data. Given that my first interest in writing this blog is to examine the ways in which digital technology is disrupting print media business models, it's fair to … [Read more...]

Raju Narisetti of WSJ: how newspapers should tackle 2013

This Nieman interview with the Wall Street Journal's Raju Narisetti is an absolutely crucial read for anyone who works in newspapers who cares about the future of newspapers. The highlights, digested, start with paywalls (which he claims have been installed by 450 newspapers in the US and North … [Read more...]

Off a precipice: Newspaper ad revenue back to 1950s levels

A sobering visual representation of the parlous state of ad revenue for newspapers in the US, with parallels in Europe and other old press markets (though not in Asian/Middle East... to be dealt with more fully in a later post). Henry Blodget in Business Insider comments more fully... … [Read more...]

Digital ad spend overtakes print ad spend early!

A watershed that experts and brand forecasters etc expected sometime next year has been reached ahead of schedule. The online ad market is now bigger than the print one, according to these global ad spending stats. Is it boiling frog time yet? … [Read more...]

Velvet ropes and the marriage of content/commerce

An inspiring week, catching Thrillist head dude Ben Lerer chatting to PandoDaily's Sarah Lacy and explaining how content and commerce can live side by side without being mobbed by ads. Not necessarily convincing, but probably tenable given that the 'content' is all fizzy copy about food/drink, … [Read more...]

Mobile is a path not a destination?

Jeff Jarvis writing on Buzzmachine blogon why even the NYT is wrongheaded about the significance of the shift to mobile for newspapers, or content providers … [Read more...]

When will Google/Facebook buy a ‘legacy’ newspaper?

It poses the question: will we soon see a tech giant like Google or Facebook buy an ailing “legacy” media outlet and its newsroom so it can offer the complete package to the connected consumer? Adding real journalism to their offering would be icing on their cake. But where would the public interest … [Read more...]

Battle for Facebook’s newsfeed

As Facebook shares languish, partly thanks to the rise of mobile, stagnating advertising and the bot click-through scandal, the race is on to monetise FB users' eyeballs in the middle of their sacred newsfeed (what I like to think of as editorial ie news). On the mobile front, here's Facebook's … [Read more...]