The £15 tablet

A low-cost Indian tablet could blaze a trail through Africa, and even perhaps upset the likes of Apple and Samsung. Imagine if tablets weren't a £250 product? Here's a video about it, while Quartz has a nice piece about it. … [Read more...]

Koos Bekker of Naspers: The Murdoch of Africa…ish

...or so suggests Forbes magazine of Koos Bekker, the head of the South African multinational media conglomerate who is paid a cool R1 billion (nearly £100m) in salary and share options. A new book by Anton Harber, the professor of journalism at Witwatersrand University (my alma mater), examines … [Read more...]

Film Africa (3): The struggle of the Sahrawi

Not directly related to newspapers' digital plight, but reflecting a boom in African cinema. … [Read more...]

50 million

The number of users Facebook recently reached throughout Africa after a mesmerising 50pc rise in only 18 months. This phenomenally rapid growth - the fastest in the world for Facebook- was led by Nigeria, which at 6,712,700 users has overtaken South Africa, followed by Egypt. At this rate, Facebook … [Read more...]

Boom in the Silicon Savannah

The new tech hub where mobile has leapfrogged computers, allowing for an explosion of growth in a pristine market, according to this article in the Economist An astonishing two thirds of Kenya's adults have used mobile money, the most in the world by a long shot. As Main Street USA comes round to … [Read more...]

The Secret of Africa’s Banking Boom: Mobility

[Read more...]

Incubating Africa’s hi-tech incubators

A BBC article from Kenya on the explosion in tech across Africa. Evidence of the leap-frog effect with stages of technology ie mobiles outselling computers four to one, huge population under 20, in a continent which rivals Asia for growth. Interesting that govts are no real help, got to go it … [Read more...]