Journalists are the worst kind of risk takers, says Joi Ito of MIT Media Lab

“When you’re sinking, you have two ways to go: You can bet the house on something, go all in, or you can try to become smaller and smaller until you disappear” - Joi Ito I posed a question in a recent post asking how newspapers should respond to the rise of startup-inspired metrics that encourage … [Read more...]

Mail Plus checks in with 23,000 subscribers (58-year-olds who like Puccini and sudokus)

Fresh from claiming the title of world's biggest newspaper website, the Daily Mail is advancing on another digital frontier with the first results from its Mail Plus tablet app. I reviewed the app on this blog shortly after its launch in February and concluded that it had raised the bar for news … [Read more...]

28 years

The time the news summary app Summly claims to have saved its readers in the first month of its existence. The app was downloaded 500,000 times in four weeks and is the No 1 app in News for Apple's App store in 28 countries, according to this post in PandoDaily. And it's a run by a … [Read more...]

51 percent

The proportion of IT departments that are involved in implementing innovative ideas but have no role in generating them, according to a report in the Economist Intelligence Unit. A peculiar disjunct,  I feel, given that technology is so frequently the source of a business's power to innovate. So … [Read more...]

The newspaper innovator’s dilemma

Some choice insights on the 'boiling frog' question for newspapers from HBS professor Clay Christensen in a Nieman Lab interview. By that I mean, when do newspapers realise their goose (or frog) is really cooked? But beyond that, two lessons from Mr Christensen stand out: approaching the question … [Read more...]

‘The future of the news will be written in code’

A step change in digital news is upon us. As I teed up in a recent blog posting, the business news startup Quartz went live last week with a bold statement of intent that included an intriguing proposition in its About us section: "Developers and journalists, sometimes one-and-the-same, sit next to … [Read more...]

Who needs beats when you’ve got phenomena?

Quartz is the hot business news startup that's pitting itself against the big financial publications WSJ et al with a crack staff of hacks who are tasked with reinventing digital business news from the ground up. One of their first stated 'innovations' is to reject specialisms ie the beats like … [Read more...]

The 27-inch tablet

Digital media may be in a frenzy over its future on mobile ie anything from phones to 10in tablets, but I have a hunch that for a lot of the market, bigger may still be better for any number of uses. That's why I was heartened to see an article in Technology Review reporting that Intel is working on … [Read more...]

How Forbes embraced the chaos

Forbes business mag, the one with the lists and Republican leanings, is showing the rest of the press how it's done online, byembracing the chaos ie the bloggers. They set up a mini outpost on Wordpress - the New Newsroom -in which they curated bloggers, promoting them on its main sites and helping … [Read more...]

Velvet ropes and the marriage of content/commerce

An inspiring week, catching Thrillist head dude Ben Lerer chatting to PandoDaily's Sarah Lacy and explaining how content and commerce can live side by side without being mobbed by ads. Not necessarily convincing, but probably tenable given that the 'content' is all fizzy copy about food/drink, … [Read more...]