“In a world of so much choice, the smartest and most lucrative consumers will pay their attention to the middleman that acts the most on their behalf.”

Marketing sage Seth Godin's comment under a blog article by Jeff Jarvis, agreeing with his criticism of Google chief economist Hal Varian's verdict on newspapers. Godin adds: Go further, Jeff! Why is the newspaper a middleman and not a representative? If the paper hurries, it can represent the … [Read more...]

‘Advertisers spend too much on print…’

Advertisers spend too much on print and not enough on digital and mobile platforms. Martin Sorrell. boss of media/PR/advertising giant WPP, on how digital spend needs to accelerate as he discloses strong growth at his company. Heed this, newspapers. … [Read more...]

John Battelle and the content wars: what editorial can learn from marketing

---- I've been blogging recently about the 'age of context' around the 'internet of things' in which sensors are turning everything to data. Given that my first interest in writing this blog is to examine the ways in which digital technology is disrupting print media business models, it's fair to … [Read more...]

Innovation in newspapers: marginal vs radical?

Many big-brand newspapers appear to be adopting a marginal iteration approach to establishing their new identity in the digital space. Softly softly, tip-toe tip-toe, experiment small improvements to their digital products and then test and learn from that data before repeating the process. That … [Read more...]

Your life recorded frame by frame

Life logging ie how never to forget. A plea from a company called Memoto for the funding to roll out the first thousand of their wearable cameras that take a photo every 30 seconds and then organise them all nicely for you on the cloud (modelled above by their marketing manager Oscar … [Read more...]

Velvet ropes and the marriage of content/commerce

An inspiring week, catching Thrillist head dude Ben Lerer chatting to PandoDaily's Sarah Lacy and explaining how content and commerce can live side by side without being mobbed by ads. Not necessarily convincing, but probably tenable given that the 'content' is all fizzy copy about food/drink, … [Read more...]

The Secret of Africa’s Banking Boom: Mobility

[Read more...]

The price of blogging

I was about to write a post moaning about  'fake blogs', you know, the ones that suddenly like your blog before you've posted anything, and which are 'real' people while being suspiciously slick and full of product recommendations... and then a post of mine was liked by a blog that turns out to be a … [Read more...]

SkimWords: the ultimate plug?

Advertising is dead, says Saatchi... Long live the product sale WITHIN content. A startup called Skimlinks is offering bloggers - and who knows, maybe newspapers soon - ways to monetise content by letting readers click through words which relate to products, and then taking a cut of whatever … [Read more...]

Going Native: advertising beyond boxes and banners

In the week that it is revealed that majority of click-throughs on Facebook are by bots, an interesting article by Dan Greenberg, of Sharethrough, the 'native video advertising company', in which he argues that internet advertising needs to go beyond the 'boxes and banners' economy, and become … [Read more...]