“Doing things is the best way to learn. To try means to fail. To fail means to learn.”

Continuing my theme of 'failing in newsrooms', Olga Lucia Lozano, pictured, co-founder of a leading investigative journalism site in Colombia, La Silla Vacia (The Empty Chair), shares the fruits of her own mistakes as a 'news entrepreneur'. "Don't think about it, do it. Doing things is the best way … [Read more...]

Journalists are the worst kind of risk takers, says Joi Ito of MIT Media Lab

“When you’re sinking, you have two ways to go: You can bet the house on something, go all in, or you can try to become smaller and smaller until you disappear” - Joi Ito I posed a question in a recent post asking how newspapers should respond to the rise of startup-inspired metrics that encourage … [Read more...]

Watch out Memoto: is that a wearable miniature camera with HD video and audio as well?

It was only a matter of time before Memoto, the much vaunted Swedish company behind the 'world's smallest wearable camera', started facing real competition in the lifelogging space. In the last few months, that has appeared in the US market in the form of ParaShoot, pictured above, a wearable HD … [Read more...]

The future of 3D interfaces … and the dawn of HTML5 that out-natives native apps

This demonstration video of a Minority Report-esque interface comes from Famo.us, a company building an HTML5 framework that it says will allow developers to make HTML5 apps that perform as well as native apps. As TechCrunch reports: Famo.us pulls off quite a bit of platform-by-platform … [Read more...]

“If you don’t fail enough times over the coming year you get downgraded.”

What the hard-working journos at the Telegraph can expect to hear from Jason Seiken, their new chief content officer, when he takes up his role after leading a successful digital revamp of the US broadcaster PBS, known to generations as the home of Sesame Street.The quote is from Seiken describing … [Read more...]

60 seconds

How often a startup is launched in London, according to @techcitynews And how many never get funding, ever? https://twitter.com/albionlondon/status/358135307419398145 … [Read more...]

“World of Warcraft is the best way to teach kids…”

"...It is so much more efficient to teach kids in a virtual world than it is in the real world." A curveball quote from Garratt Gallagher, chief executive of Romotive, whose day job is developing a product that turns your iPhone into a robot. As this PandoDaily video shows, Romo allows you to put … [Read more...]

The ‘age of context’ and perfect information: Robert Scoble and ‘Mr Silicon Valley’ Marc Andreessen

Consumer electronics is undergoing a shift as radical as the dawn of the internet, with consequences for commerce but also for journalism. And it while it's part of mobile, it's also bigger than mobile. So suggests Robert Scoble, the video blogger and former Microsoft tech evangelist. We are moving … [Read more...]

AppMachine: the £350 off-the-shelf ‘build your own’ mobile app

"Build your own app, no programming knowledge necessary."Eight ordinary words, but what sweet poetry. Well, poetic at least to me as I reel like a drunk man through HTML, CSS, PHP and quell horreur, Ruby (on rails, with skates on, on steroids, whatever), dreaming sweet little dreams of coding my own … [Read more...]

Computers are dissolving in three directions…

"Computers are dissolving in three directions - into the cloud, into the environment, and into our bodies - but as they do so they are reducing or losing altogether what we would traditionally call an “interface.” Thomas Sutton, executive creative director of Frog digital agency in Milan … [Read more...]