Watch out Memoto: is that a wearable miniature camera with HD video and audio as well?

It was only a matter of time before Memoto, the much vaunted Swedish company behind the 'world's smallest wearable camera', started facing real competition in the lifelogging space. In the last few months, that has appeared in the US market in the form of ParaShoot, pictured above, a wearable HD … [Read more...]

Your life recorded frame by frame

Life logging ie how never to forget. A plea from a company called Memoto for the funding to roll out the first thousand of their wearable cameras that take a photo every 30 seconds and then organise them all nicely for you on the cloud (modelled above by their marketing manager Oscar … [Read more...]

2.7 zetta bytes…

The volume of digital content created this year, including video, images, social media events, and Web-enabled workloads, the equivalent to about 2.7 billion terabytes, according to IDC. … [Read more...]