Watch out Memoto: is that a wearable miniature camera with HD video and audio as well?

It was only a matter of time before Memoto, the much vaunted Swedish company behind the 'world's smallest wearable camera', started facing real competition in the lifelogging space. In the last few months, that has appeared in the US market in the form of ParaShoot, pictured above, a wearable HD … [Read more...]

iSpy drones: the hack’s third eye in the sky

Finally, a simple iPhone-controlled drone fitted with a camera that could revolutionise the job of the warzone reporter, paparazzi snapper, or merely curious hack. All you need is a simple attachment for your iPhone and $70 and away you go. A review in 9to5Mac gives the lowdown.  Of course, much … [Read more...]

Online video diced and spliced: the stickiness of Popcorn Maker

My discovery of the week is a new online tool called Popcorn Maker, which allows users to 'remix' online video footage using a range of features such as overlaid text and images, maps and even links. No more monolithic talking heads! Here they have remixed some video with a song written and … [Read more...]

An inspirational/cautionary tale of our apped up, post hardware future

A short film called Sight by couple of masters students in Israel on the bright new future of a post Google glasses world ie contact lenses that are apped up for every need. Neatly demonstrates that it isn't necessarily a good thing to have an app for everything. You can lead a horse to water, but … [Read more...]