The future of 3D interfaces … and the dawn of HTML5 that out-natives native apps

This demonstration video of a Minority Report-esque interface comes from, a company building an HTML5 framework that it says will allow developers to make HTML5 apps that perform as well as native apps. As TechCrunch reports: pulls off quite a bit of platform-by-platform … [Read more...]

The augmented reality app to get children reading newspapers

For the digital native of a certain age, there are few sights more quaint than their father (or grandfather) disappearing behind a wall of newsprint. So how to break down that paper barrier?A new 'augmented reality' app from a Japanese newspaper has one solution.The app developed by Tokyo Shimbun … [Read more...]

‘Okay Glass, read aloud’

A tantalising glimpse of newspaper consumption in a Google Glass world came this week at SXSW where the search company showed off some of its planned app integrations with Glass, including Path and Evernote, but most notably the New York Times. Timothy Jordan, Google's senior developer advocate, … [Read more...]

Computers are dissolving in three directions…

"Computers are dissolving in three directions - into the cloud, into the environment, and into our bodies - but as they do so they are reducing or losing altogether what we would traditionally call an “interface.” Thomas Sutton, executive creative director of Frog digital agency in Milan … [Read more...]