AppMachine: the £350 off-the-shelf ‘build your own’ mobile app

"Build your own app, no programming knowledge necessary."Eight ordinary words, but what sweet poetry. Well, poetic at least to me as I reel like a drunk man through HTML, CSS, PHP and quell horreur, Ruby (on rails, with skates on, on steroids, whatever), dreaming sweet little dreams of coding my own … [Read more...]

Tumblr tip on how to build community without the trolls

Tumblr's David Karp, as covered in a recent blog post on its phenomenal reach - 80 million blogs and counting - has been hitting the conference circuit hard, most recently at the GigaOm Roadmap yesterday (05/11/12) where he offered an interesting nugget on how Tumblr builds community. A problem … [Read more...]

77 million

The number of blogs on Tumblr, Wordpress's main competitor. And it seems to be doing quite well. David Karp, its founder (pictured) spoke at the Wired2012 event in London today (Thurs 25/10/12), where he explained how he believes Tumblr's success is down to giving its users the power to … [Read more...]

How Forbes embraced the chaos

Forbes business mag, the one with the lists and Republican leanings, is showing the rest of the press how it's done online, byembracing the chaos ie the bloggers. They set up a mini outpost on Wordpress - the New Newsroom -in which they curated bloggers, promoting them on its main sites and helping … [Read more...]

The price of blogging

I was about to write a post moaning about  'fake blogs', you know, the ones that suddenly like your blog before you've posted anything, and which are 'real' people while being suspiciously slick and full of product recommendations... and then a post of mine was liked by a blog that turns out to be a … [Read more...]

SkimWords: the ultimate plug?

Advertising is dead, says Saatchi... Long live the product sale WITHIN content. A startup called Skimlinks is offering bloggers - and who knows, maybe newspapers soon - ways to monetise content by letting readers click through words which relate to products, and then taking a cut of whatever … [Read more...]

Flipboard is nice but…

Flipboard, which makes you a magazine style paper according to your interests, is nice but how does it make money? If you have one of these, why would you ever pay? … [Read more...]