Four out of five UK internet users think paywalls suck

New research just in from eMarketer confirms that, surprise, paywalls aren't that popular with readers in the UK. But there are hopeful signs, they write, showing that traction is slowly increasing, with the Sun and Times as examples. … [Read more...]

“Doing things is the best way to learn. To try means to fail. To fail means to learn.”

Continuing my theme of 'failing in newsrooms', Olga Lucia Lozano, pictured, co-founder of a leading investigative journalism site in Colombia, La Silla Vacia (The Empty Chair), shares the fruits of her own mistakes as a 'news entrepreneur'. "Don't think about it, do it. Doing things is the best way … [Read more...]

‘Publishers might build a revenue ledge through innovation of the advertising format, but the confusion that makes it work often diminishes the host publication’s credibility.’

NYT's David Carr considers the risks of native advertising for newspapers and other media. And now the US Federal Trade Commission is looking into the issue. … [Read more...]

Raju Narisetti of WSJ: how newspapers should tackle 2013

This Nieman interview with the Wall Street Journal's Raju Narisetti is an absolutely crucial read for anyone who works in newspapers who cares about the future of newspapers. The highlights, digested, start with paywalls (which he claims have been installed by 450 newspapers in the US and North … [Read more...]

Proof Warren Buffett still believes in (local) newspapers

"Charlie and I believe that papers delivering comprehensive and reliable information to tightly-bound communities and having a sensible Internet strategy will remain viable for a long time. " Warren Buffett explaining why his investment company Berkshire Hathaway has spent $344 million buying 28 … [Read more...]

FT’s one-man army to run mobile production

“We only have one journalist responsible for mobile and tablet production” The Financial Times's head of product for mobile and 'emerging platforms', Stephen Pinches, speaking to the WAN-IFRA Tablet and App Summit in Frankfurt last month, where he spoke on the importance for publishers of knowing … [Read more...]

77 million

The number of blogs on Tumblr, Wordpress's main competitor. And it seems to be doing quite well. David Karp, its founder (pictured) spoke at the Wired2012 event in London today (Thurs 25/10/12), where he explained how he believes Tumblr's success is down to giving its users the power to … [Read more...]

Flipboard’s Mike McCue: from paper to pixels, the mom test, and the magic innovation checklist

The man who represents the anti-thesis of paywalls, Flipboard's Mike McCue, came to talk to my newspaper recently and tickled some stirrings of thought among some cynical hacks. McCue, a genial 44-year-old technologist and serial entrepreneur, made a packet selling companies he'd built to … [Read more...]

Off a precipice: Newspaper ad revenue back to 1950s levels

A sobering visual representation of the parlous state of ad revenue for newspapers in the US, with parallels in Europe and other old press markets (though not in Asian/Middle East... to be dealt with more fully in a later post). Henry Blodget in Business Insider comments more fully... … [Read more...]

‘The whole middle of the newspaper business is just gone.’

'The whole middle of the newspaper business is just gone.” The verdict of NYT journo figurehead David Carr, according to a report of his interview with a CBC radio host in Toronto, published in good old GigaOm. He was running the rule over the industry and suggesting that the sectors that will … [Read more...]