iSpy drones: the hack’s third eye in the sky

Finally, a simple iPhone-controlled drone fitted with a camera that could revolutionise the job of the warzone reporter, paparazzi snapper, or merely curious hack. All you need is a simple attachment for your iPhone and $70 and away you go. A review in 9to5Mac gives the lowdown.  Of course, much … [Read more...]

NYT and the ultimate job requirements of the modern journalist

A job advert landed in my inbox for an 'interactive story designer' at the New York Times.I reproduce it in full as a guide to where we should be at as digital-era journalists. The ad outlines tech/coding skills requirements, with the assumption that the candidate will have a news nose and … [Read more...]

90 per cent

The proportion of news that will be generated by computer within 15 years, according to Kris Hammond, pictured, the chief technology officer of Narrative Science, a company prominently name-checked by Pew's Project for Excellence in Journalism in its annual State of the News Media report. It's a … [Read more...]


The number of unique users in the first month of Quartz, the Atlantic business news startup. Not bad for something out of nothing, and reporters who double as coders. … [Read more...]

‘The future of the news will be written in code’

A step change in digital news is upon us. As I teed up in a recent blog posting, the business news startup Quartz went live last week with a bold statement of intent that included an intriguing proposition in its About us section: "Developers and journalists, sometimes one-and-the-same, sit next to … [Read more...]

‘Experience summaries’ – the future of on-the-spot hackery?

An app from a startup called Clinch lets users create "experience summaries" - ie lets you combine videos, pictures and content from multiple sources, based on location and time. As the report on the Next Web says, it could be an interesting tool to create collaborative video clips during … [Read more...]

How Forbes embraced the chaos

Forbes business mag, the one with the lists and Republican leanings, is showing the rest of the press how it's done online, byembracing the chaos ie the bloggers. They set up a mini outpost on Wordpress - the New Newsroom -in which they curated bloggers, promoting them on its main sites and helping … [Read more...]

When will Google/Facebook buy a ‘legacy’ newspaper?

It poses the question: will we soon see a tech giant like Google or Facebook buy an ailing “legacy” media outlet and its newsroom so it can offer the complete package to the connected consumer? Adding real journalism to their offering would be icing on their cake. But where would the public interest … [Read more...]

Who needs shorthand when you’ve got Dragon? … [Read more...]