28 years

The time the news summary app Summly claims to have saved its readers in the first month of its existence. The app was downloaded 500,000 times in four weeks and is the No 1 app in News for Apple's App store in 28 countries, according to this post in PandoDaily. And it's a run by a … [Read more...]

The Summly summary: the 16-year-old who wants to stop us being ‘inundated with drivel’

...with a little help from Stephen Fry. The pitch is this: Summly is an app developed by 16-year-old Briton Nick D'Aloisio that writes news summaries using an algorithm, making bite sized pieces of news that are easy to consume on a mobile screen - and if you want to read a longer version … [Read more...]

When will Google/Facebook buy a ‘legacy’ newspaper?

It poses the question: will we soon see a tech giant like Google or Facebook buy an ailing “legacy” media outlet and its newsroom so it can offer the complete package to the connected consumer? Adding real journalism to their offering would be icing on their cake. But where would the public interest … [Read more...]

Jeff Jarvis reimagines the structure of an article

I was intrigued by this innovative discussion thread on a ways to reimagines the classic structure of a news article in digital media to make it leaner and meaner. Jeff Jarvis, the What Would Google Do author and NY journalism academic, writing on his Buzzmachine blog suggests one way is to cut … [Read more...]