The Fox News news deck: BATS or just batty?

Fox News's Star Trek-esque 'news deck', unveiled this week as the future of TV news, has taken a slap from all and sundry. Ludicrous ... Absurd ... Ridiculous... and those are some of the kinder adjectives.Naturally, Jon Stewart piled in saying it looked "like an Apple Genius Bar had an orgasm, … [Read more...]

Mail Plus checks in with 23,000 subscribers (58-year-olds who like Puccini and sudokus)

Fresh from claiming the title of world's biggest newspaper website, the Daily Mail is advancing on another digital frontier with the first results from its Mail Plus tablet app. I reviewed the app on this blog shortly after its launch in February and concluded that it had raised the bar for news … [Read more...]

The UK’s first proper tool to measure content consumption across platforms

In just half an hour this morning, I have moved from my smartphone to my tablet to my desktop PC, consuming sources including Twitter, Facebook and my Wordpress blog feed, not to mention newspaper websites on web browsers and who knows what else. Compared to just two years ago, I am devouring … [Read more...]

500,000 in two weeks

The number of personalised Flipboard magazines that have been created since the newsreader app launched its self-publishing magazine feature, according to a Techcrunch report. It has been argued that this is not merely a feature, but could be the basis for a new business model - a pivot, if you will … [Read more...]

Review of Daily Mail Plus: raising the bar for news apps

The Daily Mail has finally joined the battle for pre-eminence on the iPad with the soft-launch of its first proper native newspaper app, the Daily Mail Plus. I have spent some time with it over the past few weeks, and can report that it has raised the bar significantly for newspaper apps. When I … [Read more...]

Test dummy: here’s a browser version of my app

Here's an interesting way to show off a builds for an IOS app design without actually running it as an app. It's called Kickfolio, runs in HTML5, and seems to me to offer added convenience in testing. That is, testers can be reached more efficiently on a wider platform and encouraged to leave … [Read more...]

The £15 tablet

A low-cost Indian tablet could blaze a trail through Africa, and even perhaps upset the likes of Apple and Samsung. Imagine if tablets weren't a £250 product? Here's a video about it, while Quartz has a nice piece about it. … [Read more...]

The Summly summary: the 16-year-old who wants to stop us being ‘inundated with drivel’

...with a little help from Stephen Fry. The pitch is this: Summly is an app developed by 16-year-old Briton Nick D'Aloisio that writes news summaries using an algorithm, making bite sized pieces of news that are easy to consume on a mobile screen - and if you want to read a longer version … [Read more...]

FT’s one-man army to run mobile production

“We only have one journalist responsible for mobile and tablet production” The Financial Times's head of product for mobile and 'emerging platforms', Stephen Pinches, speaking to the WAN-IFRA Tablet and App Summit in Frankfurt last month, where he spoke on the importance for publishers of knowing … [Read more...]

Hands-free on the iPad

In my sometime series of videos from the near future, here is one on a company called Interaxon which is hoping to cut hands out of  the whole iPad thing and just let your mind do the walking, talking and everything else it seems. See this report in TNW for more. … [Read more...]