The UK’s first proper tool to measure content consumption across platforms

In just half an hour this morning, I have moved from my smartphone to my tablet to my desktop PC, consuming sources including Twitter, Facebook and my Wordpress blog feed, not to mention newspaper websites on web browsers and who knows what else. Compared to just two years ago, I am devouring … [Read more...]

iSpy drones: the hack’s third eye in the sky

Finally, a simple iPhone-controlled drone fitted with a camera that could revolutionise the job of the warzone reporter, paparazzi snapper, or merely curious hack. All you need is a simple attachment for your iPhone and $70 and away you go. A review in 9to5Mac gives the lowdown.  Of course, much … [Read more...]

In search of perspective: Chris Dancy ‘the world’s most quantified man’

--- The unexamined life, they say, is not worth living. And soon the unexamined life may be impossible in the era of Google Glass and sensor-embedded wearable devices. As I've blogged here before, we are being cast headlong into an 'age of context' - the blogger Robert Scoble's phrase - where … [Read more...]

“World of Warcraft is the best way to teach kids…”

"...It is so much more efficient to teach kids in a virtual world than it is in the real world." A curveball quote from Garratt Gallagher, chief executive of Romotive, whose day job is developing a product that turns your iPhone into a robot. As this PandoDaily video shows, Romo allows you to put … [Read more...]