’60 to 70 percent of the job is changing culture’

'The startup world is full of young people, money, and optimism. The media world, the vast majority of the time, is not.' The words of an entrepreneurial young British journalist explaining why he has refused job offers from newspapers after he quit to launch his own news products. The quote comes … [Read more...]

Jargon-watch: ‘Slippery content’, via digital strategist Tiffany St James

To kick off Jargon-watch, my collection of colourful emerging digital terms, I present 'slippery content', coined by the digital and social media strategist Tiffany St James (left) in a talk to my newspaper outlining the tools and platforms to make content richer and more consumable. 'Slippery … [Read more...]

72 per cent

... of mobile display ad revenue now goes to six companies - none of which are news producing organizations." A truly gut-churning statistic from Pew Research, quoted in an article by the media commentator Tom Foremski in which he argues that no amount of billionaires will save journalism as long … [Read more...]

Mail Plus checks in with 23,000 subscribers (58-year-olds who like Puccini and sudokus)

Fresh from claiming the title of world's biggest newspaper website, the Daily Mail is advancing on another digital frontier with the first results from its Mail Plus tablet app. I reviewed the app on this blog shortly after its launch in February and concluded that it had raised the bar for news … [Read more...]

“In a world of so much choice, the smartest and most lucrative consumers will pay their attention to the middleman that acts the most on their behalf.”

Marketing sage Seth Godin's comment under a blog article by Jeff Jarvis, agreeing with his criticism of Google chief economist Hal Varian's verdict on newspapers. Godin adds: Go further, Jeff! Why is the newspaper a middleman and not a representative? If the paper hurries, it can represent the … [Read more...]

“If you don’t fail enough times over the coming year you get downgraded.”

What the hard-working journos at the Telegraph can expect to hear from Jason Seiken, their new chief content officer, when he takes up his role after leading a successful digital revamp of the US broadcaster PBS, known to generations as the home of Sesame Street.The quote is from Seiken describing … [Read more...]

The augmented reality app to get children reading newspapers

For the digital native of a certain age, there are few sights more quaint than their father (or grandfather) disappearing behind a wall of newsprint. So how to break down that paper barrier?A new 'augmented reality' app from a Japanese newspaper has one solution.The app developed by Tokyo Shimbun … [Read more...]

Content in context is king

The notion of ‘Content Is King’ has moved on. We believe that ‘Content and Context Is King’ in this new connected world.Paul Keenan, the chief executive of Bauer Media, which publishes Grazia, Closer, and FHM,, gives newspapers a roasting for giving away their content free online, in an article on … [Read more...]

90 per cent

The proportion of news that will be generated by computer within 15 years, according to Kris Hammond, pictured, the chief technology officer of Narrative Science, a company prominently name-checked by Pew's Project for Excellence in Journalism in its annual State of the News Media report. It's a … [Read more...]

Proof Warren Buffett still believes in (local) newspapers

"Charlie and I believe that papers delivering comprehensive and reliable information to tightly-bound communities and having a sensible Internet strategy will remain viable for a long time. " Warren Buffett explaining why his investment company Berkshire Hathaway has spent $344 million buying 28 … [Read more...]