10 million

The number of users of Path, the 'intimate' social network that bills itself as a more personal alternative to Facebook, according to NextWeb. That milestone is impressive in a world of FB dominance, although not everyone is impressed with how they're doing it. A London-based SEO strategist tells … [Read more...]

One second

How often the newsreader app Flipboard adds a new user, according to recent stats on its blog. No wonder that Flipboard has been cited as inspiration for Facebook's new Newsfeed. The future of the news, as they say, is social - as long as there's lots of content with it that you can monetise. … [Read more...]

28 years

The time the news summary app Summly claims to have saved its readers in the first month of its existence. The app was downloaded 500,000 times in four weeks and is the No 1 app in News for Apple's App store in 28 countries, according to this post in PandoDaily. And it's a run by a … [Read more...]

The £15 tablet

A low-cost Indian tablet could blaze a trail through Africa, and even perhaps upset the likes of Apple and Samsung. Imagine if tablets weren't a £250 product? Here's a video about it, while Quartz has a nice piece about it. … [Read more...]

51 percent

The proportion of IT departments that are involved in implementing innovative ideas but have no role in generating them, according to a report in the Economist Intelligence Unit. A peculiar disjunct,  I feel, given that technology is so frequently the source of a business's power to innovate. So … [Read more...]


The number of unique users in the first month of Quartz, the Atlantic business news startup. Not bad for something out of nothing, and reporters who double as coders. … [Read more...]

50 million

The number of users Facebook recently reached throughout Africa after a mesmerising 50pc rise in only 18 months. This phenomenally rapid growth - the fastest in the world for Facebook- was led by Nigeria, which at 6,712,700 users has overtaken South Africa, followed by Egypt. At this rate, Facebook … [Read more...]

77 million

The number of blogs on Tumblr, Wordpress's main competitor. And it seems to be doing quite well. David Karp, its founder (pictured) spoke at the Wired2012 event in London today (Thurs 25/10/12), where he explained how he believes Tumblr's success is down to giving its users the power to … [Read more...]


The average drop in circulation of British newspapers in five years, according to an analysis by the Currybet blog. A relative good news story compared to the 51pc circulation drop at Newsweek before it shut its print edition. … [Read more...]

78.3 seconds

The bailout time for the average article read on an iPad, according to 'eye-tracking' research by the Poynter Institute, and covered in this article by Rachel McAthy of journalism.co.uk (the leanest news operation in town - recently found out they have only two editorial staff to keep what is by any … [Read more...]