72 per cent

... of mobile display ad revenue now goes to six companies - none of which are news producing organizations." A truly gut-churning statistic from Pew Research, quoted in an article by the media commentator Tom Foremski in which he argues that no amount of billionaires will save journalism as long … [Read more...]

10 million

The number of users of Path, the 'intimate' social network that bills itself as a more personal alternative to Facebook, according to NextWeb. That milestone is impressive in a world of FB dominance, although not everyone is impressed with how they're doing it. A London-based SEO strategist tells … [Read more...]

‘Okay Glass, read aloud’

A tantalising glimpse of newspaper consumption in a Google Glass world came this week at SXSW where the search company showed off some of its planned app integrations with Glass, including Path and Evernote, but most notably the New York Times. Timothy Jordan, Google's senior developer advocate, … [Read more...]

Test dummy: here’s a browser version of my app

Here's an interesting way to show off a builds for an IOS app design without actually running it as an app. It's called Kickfolio, runs in HTML5, and seems to me to offer added convenience in testing. That is, testers can be reached more efficiently on a wider platform and encouraged to leave … [Read more...]

The DIY touch-screen iMac for less than £130

Clever clever... Just the solution to my compulsive iMac screen touching after so much iPad using. … [Read more...]

50 million

The number of users Facebook recently reached throughout Africa after a mesmerising 50pc rise in only 18 months. This phenomenally rapid growth - the fastest in the world for Facebook- was led by Nigeria, which at 6,712,700 users has overtaken South Africa, followed by Egypt. At this rate, Facebook … [Read more...]

Your life recorded frame by frame

Life logging ie how never to forget. A plea from a company called Memoto for the funding to roll out the first thousand of their wearable cameras that take a photo every 30 seconds and then organise them all nicely for you on the cloud (modelled above by their marketing manager Oscar … [Read more...]

Inside Google: a peek under the hood

One of a series of fascinating photos of Google's server centres and more. … [Read more...]