Pretty data: the cream of infographics

A book of The Best American Infographics 2013 has been published showcasing exactly what it says on the tin - with lots of inspiring examples for use of design to make data sing (thanks to the ever excellent Maria Popova of Brain Pickings for alerting me). This video is a pretty tour of what's in … [Read more...]

John Battelle and the content wars: what editorial can learn from marketing

---- I've been blogging recently about the 'age of context' around the 'internet of things' in which sensors are turning everything to data. Given that my first interest in writing this blog is to examine the ways in which digital technology is disrupting print media business models, it's fair to … [Read more...]

Data in action: the cheetah catches its prey with amazing cornering, not brute speed

A cheetah's hunting success depends less on its top speed than how quickly it decelerates, according to research that used data-capturing sensors to unprecedented extent in the wild. The study is covered in Nature magazine, and was brought to my attention by The Conversation, the newspaper by … [Read more...]

In search of perspective: Chris Dancy ‘the world’s most quantified man’

--- The unexamined life, they say, is not worth living. And soon the unexamined life may be impossible in the era of Google Glass and sensor-embedded wearable devices. As I've blogged here before, we are being cast headlong into an 'age of context' - the blogger Robert Scoble's phrase - where … [Read more...]

The ‘age of context’ and perfect information: Robert Scoble and ‘Mr Silicon Valley’ Marc Andreessen

Consumer electronics is undergoing a shift as radical as the dawn of the internet, with consequences for commerce but also for journalism. And it while it's part of mobile, it's also bigger than mobile. So suggests Robert Scoble, the video blogger and former Microsoft tech evangelist. We are moving … [Read more...]