Test dummy: here’s a browser version of my app

Here's an interesting way to show off a builds for an IOS app design without actually running it as an app. It's called Kickfolio, runs in HTML5, and seems to me to offer added convenience in testing. That is, testers can be reached more efficiently on a wider platform and encouraged to leave … [Read more...]

50 million

The number of users Facebook recently reached throughout Africa after a mesmerising 50pc rise in only 18 months. This phenomenally rapid growth - the fastest in the world for Facebook- was led by Nigeria, which at 6,712,700 users has overtaken South Africa, followed by Egypt. At this rate, Facebook … [Read more...]


The average drop in circulation of British newspapers in five years, according to an analysis by the Currybet blog. A relative good news story compared to the 51pc circulation drop at Newsweek before it shut its print edition. … [Read more...]

Off a precipice: Newspaper ad revenue back to 1950s levels

A sobering visual representation of the parlous state of ad revenue for newspapers in the US, with parallels in Europe and other old press markets (though not in Asian/Middle East... to be dealt with more fully in a later post). Henry Blodget in Business Insider comments more fully... … [Read more...]

Boom in the Silicon Savannah

The new tech hub where mobile has leapfrogged computers, allowing for an explosion of growth in a pristine market, according to this article in the Economist An astonishing two thirds of Kenya's adults have used mobile money, the most in the world by a long shot. As Main Street USA comes round to … [Read more...]

The newspaper homepage is NOT the front page

interesting piece pulling together some stats from some big papers ie WSJ et al on a Brand Republic affiliated blog showing how the majority of newspaper website traffic comes in sideways ie through search engines or social media, meaning that the homepage is much less the front page that it … [Read more...]

Digital ad spend overtakes print ad spend early!

A watershed that experts and brand forecasters etc expected sometime next year has been reached ahead of schedule. The online ad market is now bigger than the print one, according to these global ad spending stats. Is it boiling frog time yet? … [Read more...]

The man who saw it all in 1992

Newspaper men started predicting the digital revolution with amazing accuracy as long ago as 1992, way before the internet got going properly. With that kind of notice, who knows where we might have been able to get to by now? Ahem, from the Washington Post's managing editor Robert Kaiser in … [Read more...]

How Forbes embraced the chaos

Forbes business mag, the one with the lists and Republican leanings, is showing the rest of the press how it's done online, byembracing the chaos ie the bloggers. They set up a mini outpost on Wordpress - the New Newsroom -in which they curated bloggers, promoting them on its main sites and helping … [Read more...]