The UK’s first proper tool to measure content consumption across platforms

In just half an hour this morning, I have moved from my smartphone to my tablet to my desktop PC, consuming sources including Twitter, Facebook and my Wordpress blog feed, not to mention newspaper websites on web browsers and who knows what else. Compared to just two years ago, I am devouring … [Read more...]

‘Advertisers spend too much on print…’

Advertisers spend too much on print and not enough on digital and mobile platforms. Martin Sorrell. boss of media/PR/advertising giant WPP, on how digital spend needs to accelerate as he discloses strong growth at his company. Heed this, newspapers. … [Read more...]

“World of Warcraft is the best way to teach kids…”

"...It is so much more efficient to teach kids in a virtual world than it is in the real world." A curveball quote from Garratt Gallagher, chief executive of Romotive, whose day job is developing a product that turns your iPhone into a robot. As this PandoDaily video shows, Romo allows you to put … [Read more...]

The ‘age of context’ and perfect information: Robert Scoble and ‘Mr Silicon Valley’ Marc Andreessen

Consumer electronics is undergoing a shift as radical as the dawn of the internet, with consequences for commerce but also for journalism. And it while it's part of mobile, it's also bigger than mobile. So suggests Robert Scoble, the video blogger and former Microsoft tech evangelist. We are moving … [Read more...]

Raju Narisetti of WSJ: how newspapers should tackle 2013

This Nieman interview with the Wall Street Journal's Raju Narisetti is an absolutely crucial read for anyone who works in newspapers who cares about the future of newspapers. The highlights, digested, start with paywalls (which he claims have been installed by 450 newspapers in the US and North … [Read more...]

AppMachine: the £350 off-the-shelf ‘build your own’ mobile app

"Build your own app, no programming knowledge necessary."Eight ordinary words, but what sweet poetry. Well, poetic at least to me as I reel like a drunk man through HTML, CSS, PHP and quell horreur, Ruby (on rails, with skates on, on steroids, whatever), dreaming sweet little dreams of coding my own … [Read more...]

Young people could save newspapers

A ray of light for the news industry today from the PEW journalism group which has conducted an authoritative study of news consumption across mobile devices. One finding stands out: that young people are keeping up with older news consumers on mobile platforms, suggesting the habit of news … [Read more...]

28 years

The time the news summary app Summly claims to have saved its readers in the first month of its existence. The app was downloaded 500,000 times in four weeks and is the No 1 app in News for Apple's App store in 28 countries, according to this post in PandoDaily. And it's a run by a … [Read more...]

FT’s one-man army to run mobile production

“We only have one journalist responsible for mobile and tablet production” The Financial Times's head of product for mobile and 'emerging platforms', Stephen Pinches, speaking to the WAN-IFRA Tablet and App Summit in Frankfurt last month, where he spoke on the importance for publishers of knowing … [Read more...]

78.3 seconds

The bailout time for the average article read on an iPad, according to 'eye-tracking' research by the Poynter Institute, and covered in this article by Rachel McAthy of (the leanest news operation in town - recently found out they have only two editorial staff to keep what is by any … [Read more...]