Jargon-watch: ‘Slippery content’, via digital strategist Tiffany St James

To kick off Jargon-watch, my collection of colourful emerging digital terms, I present 'slippery content', coined by the digital and social media strategist Tiffany St James (left) in a talk to my newspaper outlining the tools and platforms to make content richer and more consumable. 'Slippery … [Read more...]

Peretti’s wake-up call to papers

"The world needs sustainable, profitable, vibrant content companies staffed by dedicated professionals; especially content for people that grew up on the web, whose entertainment and news interests are largely neglected by television and newspapers." Jonah Peretti's much-shared memo to his … [Read more...]

Online video diced and spliced: the stickiness of Popcorn Maker

My discovery of the week is a new online tool called Popcorn Maker, which allows users to 'remix' online video footage using a range of features such as overlaid text and images, maps and even links. No more monolithic talking heads! Here they have remixed some video with a song written and … [Read more...]

10 million

The number of users of Path, the 'intimate' social network that bills itself as a more personal alternative to Facebook, according to NextWeb. That milestone is impressive in a world of FB dominance, although not everyone is impressed with how they're doing it. A London-based SEO strategist tells … [Read more...]

Tumblr tip on how to build community without the trolls

Tumblr's David Karp, as covered in a recent blog post on its phenomenal reach - 80 million blogs and counting - has been hitting the conference circuit hard, most recently at the GigaOm Roadmap yesterday (05/11/12) where he offered an interesting nugget on how Tumblr builds community. A problem … [Read more...]

50 million

The number of users Facebook recently reached throughout Africa after a mesmerising 50pc rise in only 18 months. This phenomenally rapid growth - the fastest in the world for Facebook- was led by Nigeria, which at 6,712,700 users has overtaken South Africa, followed by Egypt. At this rate, Facebook … [Read more...]

77 million

The number of blogs on Tumblr, Wordpress's main competitor. And it seems to be doing quite well. David Karp, its founder (pictured) spoke at the Wired2012 event in London today (Thurs 25/10/12), where he explained how he believes Tumblr's success is down to giving its users the power to … [Read more...]

Ten ways lists might save journalism… or not

Ah, that's got your attention. A cat doing something funny on the internet, courtesy of designswan.comAnd it's also the secret of all the buzz around Buzzfeed. Any good news story about the news in the 'digidil' era is a good news story, but I still find Buzzfeed a tough one to decipher. Should … [Read more...]

‘The future of the news will be written in code’

A step change in digital news is upon us. As I teed up in a recent blog posting, the business news startup Quartz went live last week with a bold statement of intent that included an intriguing proposition in its About us section: "Developers and journalists, sometimes one-and-the-same, sit next to … [Read more...]