Why should news organizations allocate resources to human writers?

“If journalistic content produced by a piece of software is not (or is barely) discernible from content produced by a journalist, and/or if it is just a bit more boring and less pleasant to read, then why should news organizations allocate resources to human writers?” Christer Clerwall of Karstad … [Read more...]

Marc Andreessen tweets an astute analysis of the news business

Marc Andreessen's happy prognosis for the news business: 'Big opportunity for news industry in next 5-10 yrs is to increase market size 100x, drop prices 10x. Become larger & much more important. … [Read more...]

BuzzFeed Is The Future (Whether It Lives Or Dies)

This TechCrunch piece comparing the rate of story sharing across the major online news sources is such required reading that I reblog it without shame! Condensed: Buzzfeed is king … [Read more...]

‘There are fewer stories being told’: Ken Doctor of Nieman issues sobering warning about newspapers’ future

"Newsroom layoffs continue. All these many business decision we make form the core of what our communities know. In 2013 we don’t know what we don’t know. There are so many fewer stories been told because there are so many fewer journalists."Ken Doctor, of Nieman Journalism Lab, reminds the World … [Read more...]

For news on smartphones, browser trumps apps

More people access news on their smartphone or tablet via the web browser rather than an app, according to research by the Reynolds Journalism Institute in Missouri.More than half of all mobile news consumers aged 18-54 said they prefer the mobile browser to apps for mobile news. And for mobile news … [Read more...]

“If you don’t fail enough times over the coming year you get downgraded.”

What the hard-working journos at the Telegraph can expect to hear from Jason Seiken, their new chief content officer, when he takes up his role after leading a successful digital revamp of the US broadcaster PBS, known to generations as the home of Sesame Street.The quote is from Seiken describing … [Read more...]

92 per cent

The proportion of news consumption time that is spent on 'legacy' platforms, ie the big newspaper brands, according to a study by McKinsey.The message, as digested by Rick Edmonds of Poynter, is that news still occupies a surprisingly large amount of eyeball time. That's a glimmer of light in the … [Read more...]

The best time to publish publishing and technology news on Facebook

Infographics: what are they good for, really? It's a question I ask when facing yet another long scroll through a compendium of statistics jazzed up with some pie charts and funky fonts. But here's one that bucks that trend, with some intriguing data on the best time to post content on Facebook, … [Read more...]

The DIY touch-screen iMac for less than £130

Clever clever... Just the solution to my compulsive iMac screen touching after so much iPad using. … [Read more...]

Germans showing how diversifying can give content some wriggle room. … [Read more...]